Sound Solutions with High Performance Products


We are pleased to provide you with superior products, specialized service and competitive prices.

Our core business focuses on:

  • Impact Protection Products to absorb the daily bumps and bangs to walls, corners and doorways.
  • Safety Products to guard against accidents within your facility.
  • Noise Control with Acoustic Materials to lower the decibels of sound inside and outside your facility.

Uptrend can supply products from the common to the hard-to-find and custom design to address your needs.

Examples are:

  • FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic) in standard and custom colors and Class A fire rated: Custom Laminations, Trims and Adhesives.
  • Signage for Identification, Direction, Information and Regulatory
  • Acoustic Baffles, Screens, Barriers and Enclosures
  • Mats for Entrances, Clean rooms, Anit-fatigue, Anti-static and Athletic Applications
  • Stainless Steel Corner Guards, Kick Plates, Splash Plates and custom configurations


  • Acoustical Foams/Panels
  • FRP Sheet Products and Trims
  • PVC Sheet Products and Trims
  • PVC Strip Doors and Curtains
  • Free Standing Walls
  • Modular Wall Panels
  • Sound Control Enclosures
  • Hand Rails/Corner Guards/Trim
  • Medical Facility Privacy Curtains


  • Acoustical Ceiling Products
  • Acoustical Baffles
  • FRP Ceiling Tiles/Panels
  • Suspended Ceiling Grid Systems


  • Walk-off Matting
  • Anti-fatigue Matting
  • Safety Matting
  • Rubber and Vinyl Stair Treads
  • Rubber and Vinyl Cove Base
  • Transition Trims

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